2/20に3店舗目となる 「Lodge Bistro SARU学芸大学店」 をオープンしました!
温かいロッジのような空間に仕上がりました! 明るい雰囲気のランチや
※3月中はLodge Bistro SARUのみ月曜日をお休み頂きます。

We’ve just opened up our third restaurant “Lodge Bistro SARU” in
Gakugeidaigaku on February 20th. The atmosphere is like a lodge having the
cozy and warm-hearted feelings. You will enjoy a nice lunch and diner made with
a variety of food from mountains. We are looking forward to your visit!
* “Lodge Bistro SARU” is closed on Mondays in March.

Lodge Bistro SARU学芸大学店

Stories behind our food



We visited “Fujiwara Chikusan” in Azumino-shi, “Takeuchi Kinokoen” in Nakano-shi in Nagano
and “Ishizaka farm” in Shibukawa-shi in Gunma.


藤原畜産 >
山林を開墾した山間に豚舎があります。子豚のうちから豚舎の外で元気に運動し、夏は地元のスイカ、秋はリンゴをもしゃもしゃと元気に食べワイルドに育つため、ストレスがなくその肉質は豚本来の力強い味わいになります。「Lodge Bistro SARU」ではこの安曇野放牧豚をグリルやパテなどでお楽しみいただけます。

Fujiwara Chikusan >
The pig’s houses are in the open space where they cultivated the forest. Since baby pigs they run around happily out of their houses enjoying the sunlight. They have a good appetite and grow up without stress, given local watermelons in summer, and local apples in fall. That makes the pork have good and deep taste.


たけうちきのこ園 >
こちらでは“バイリング”というまるでアワビの様な食感のきのこを育てています。しこしことアワビのような心地よい食感はSARU全店でお楽しみいただけます。その他にもエノキをまるでお花のブーケのように育てています。この通称フラワーエノキは一本一本の味わいが力強く甘みさえ感じます。「Lodge Bistro SARU」で人気の一品です!

Tkeuchi Kinokoen >
Here they grow mushrooms named “Bailing” which have the thick texture such as abalone. We serve this Bailing at all our restaurants. Mr. Takeuchi also grow “enoki” like flower bouquet, it’s so called “Flower Enoki”. It has nice, deep and sweet taste. It’s already popular dish at “Lodge Bistro SARU”


石坂牧場 >
石坂牧場では恵美さんとご主人の豊さんが二人三脚で愛情たっぷりと牛の一生を見届けます。独自ブランドである“Emeat”は味わいも抜群!ステーキでは重たくあまり量を食べる事が難しいのですが“Emeat”の脂はまるで魚の脂の様で、ステーキで何枚でも食べる事の出来るほどあっさりした味わいです。“Emeat”は「Lodge Bistro SARU」でグリルやメンチカツでお楽しみいただけます。

Ishizaka Farm >
There Emi and her husband Yutaka raise cattle with great love throughout their lives. Their own brand “Emeat” has a special taste! The fat is very light so you may have the steak as much as you want! You will enjoy “Emeat” grilled or as minced cutlet at “Lodge Bistro SARU”.

Spring! Let’s have a party at SARU!



Spring is the time for Good-bye and Hello, so we’ve prepared the special party course for you! The course includes new spring menus. Let’s celebrate and toast to your new start and wish everyone a luck for the future!

Smoke & Vegetable Bistro SARU 白金店のプラン詳細

Fresh Seafood Bistro SARU 代々木上原店のプラン詳細

Spring! Let’s have a party at SARU!
Smoke & Vegetable bistro SARU shirogane

Smoke & Vegetable Bistro SARU
New Menu!


松山OCファームの新玉葱と海藻たっぷり、ミネラルサラダ ¥950


Fresh onion and seaweed salad ¥950 

Spring is the best season for seaweed! We make a salad with lots of the seaweed and spring onion from OC farm in Matsuyama, Ehime. It’s got lots of mineral in seawater!


安曇野小林わさび園の花ワサビとホタルイカのスパゲッティーニ ¥1,500


Spaghettini with wasabi leaf and marinated small squid ¥1,500

“Hana wasabi” is a kind of wasabi that can be harvested in only this time of the year.
The taste is a little hot, and it goes well with firefly squid!

新食感! ホワイトチョコレートケーキ、国産キウイソース

新食感! ホワイトチョコレートケーキ、国産キウイソース ¥800

え? ホワイトチョコ? チョコレートケーキ? はたまたチーズケーキ?

White Chocolate cake with Kiwi sauce ¥800

You might get surprised by the texture of this new dessert! Chocolate? Cheesecake?
Come and taste what it is! You will love it!

Fresh Seafood Bistro SARU

Fresh Seafood Bistro SARU
New Menu!


ウマヅラハギの丸ごとリングイネ ¥1,600

石川県能登島の今が旬のウマヅラハギ! 「海のフォアグラ」と例えられる肝はソース、

Linguinette with black scraper’s body and liver sauce ¥1,600

Now is the best time for Black scraper! We use whole parts of it as the sauce for. It’s so yummy!


苺の超なめらかティラミス ¥700


Super soft strawberry tiramisu with Yamanashi balsamic ¥700

Lots of strawberries are used to the tiramisu and a pinch of balsamic is
the secret to make the nice balance of the whole taste. You will love it!

肉じゃなく魚介! のボローニャ風ラザニア

肉じゃなく魚介! のボローニャ風ラザニア ¥1,300

ラザニア生地を丁寧に層にして焼上げます! シェフ平田、この春渾身の一皿!

Seafood lasagna with tomato ragout, eggplant and zucchini ¥1,300

The lasagna is made with only minced seafood with tomato ragout, eggplant and zucchini.
It’s totally chef’s recommendation and it’s introduced on magazine called
“Ryori Tsushin” now on sale.

※メニューのお値段は全て税抜き金額です。  *The price on the menu excludes tax.

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