さぁ2013年もいよいよ大詰め!! 年末もSARUでは温かい師走らしいお料理と変わらない笑顔で
皆様をお迎えします! 海猿の情報もお届けします!!

Hi everyone! Year end is coming…!!
As always, we’ve prepared new lovely dishes and waiting for you with big smiles :) !!
Let’s share your wonderful festive time with us.

SARU白金店 営業時間のご案内(12/1〜)
New operation hours
Year end and New Year opening times
Mon - Fri 12:00~14:30 (LO) 12/30 (Mon) 12:00~14:30 (LO)
17:30~25:00 (LO) 17:30~22:30 (LO)
Sat 12:00~14:30 (LO) 12/31~1/3 お休み Close
17:00~23:30 (LO) 1/4 (Sat) 17:00~22:30 (LO)
Sun & Hol 12:00~22:30 (LO) 1/5〜 通常営業 Normal operation time
*1/7 Both restaurants will be closed for staff training.
Thank you for your understanding.

New menu for December


蝦夷鹿うち腿の瞬間スモーク 150g

蝦夷鹿うち腿の瞬間スモーク 150g

冬といえばジビエ! ということで今年も蝦夷鹿の瞬間スモークやっちゃいます! 赤身で柔らかい、うち腿の部位を絶妙な火入れとリンゴの木の優しい薫香でお楽しみください!

Quick-smoked Ezojika deer
round tip by apple wood ¥1,900

Winter is the season for gibier, we prepared Ezojika deer for our signature menu “Quick-smoke”.
The tender meat and the rich smoke smell will stimulate your appetite!!

冬の定番! 玉ねぎだけで作った濃厚オニオンスープ!!

冬の定番! 玉ねぎだけで作った
濃厚オニオンスープ!! ¥850

SARUの冬の定番、オニオンスープの復活です! 昨年大好評だった何と1皿あたり玉ねぎを3つ分ローストし塩のみで味を調えた玉ねぎの風味が最高の超濃厚オニオンスープです!

Super rich roasted onion soup

To respond for the big fans, SARU onion soup now back in the menu!! We use only onion, 3 whole onions per bowl to make the soup. So it’s really rich taste and creamy texture…smells so good.


カリフラワーのクリーム煮 ¥950

牡蠣を仕入れている北海道仙鳳趾はムール貝もうまい! ということでムール貝をたっぷり使って冬らしくカリフラワーと軽いクリームで煮込みました! バケットにスープをつけて食べても美味!

Stewed Mussels from Senposhi and cauliflower with light cream ¥950

Semposhi, Hokkaido, where we buy fresh oysters, is also famous for Mussels!!! So we made the steamed mussels with cauliflower and cream. Dip the baguette into the soup… perfect!!!

ほうれん草、小松菜、砂肝コンフィの冬サラダ、温泉卵のせ 愛媛産石地みかんマーマレードのプロフィットロール

砂肝コンフィの冬サラダ、温泉卵のせ ¥900

冬らしくほうれん草と小松菜を使ったサラダです! 温泉卵を崩してアクセントに加えた砂肝コンフィをつまみながら食べると最高!

Spinach, Japanese mustard spinach, gizzard confit salad ¥900

Mixing the half boiled egg and spinach! Enjoy with the confit… Unusual combination but marvelous..!


これから美味しくなる愛媛のみかん。その中から今回は石地みかんでマーマレードを作りシュー生地で挟みました! 更に温かいチョコレートソースをかけ完成‼

Profiterole of Ishigi orange marmalade ¥700

Mikan, the Japanese small peel easy orange has started its season. Make them into marmalade and mix with special cream, and pipe them into choux. Pouring melting warm chocolate from the top…yum yum!!

The wine of the month


シャトーマルス, カベルネ・ベリーA 穂坂収穫 ’12
Chateau Mars, Cabernet berry A, Hosaka Harvest '12
Glass ¥800 Bottle ¥4,000


The wine from Hosaka, Yamanashi prefecture is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Muscat Baileya. It is medium-full-bodied type, the flavor is like concentrated red berry, black berry and oak, well-balanced and smooth tannin and just like classic Bordeaux style. It goes well with our venison plate in this season. Salud!!!

シャトーマルス, カベルネ・ベリーA 穂坂収穫 ’12
Fresh Seafood Bistro SARU 代々木上原店
New operation hours
Year end and New Year
opening times
Mon - Fri 12:00~14:30 (LO) 12/30 (Mon) 12:00~14:30 (LO)
18:00~22:30 (LO) 17:30~22:30 (LO)
Sat, Sun & Hol 12:00~16:00(LO) 12/31~1/3 お休み Close
17:00~22:30(LO) 1/4 (Sat) 17:00~22:30 (LO)
1/5〜 通常営業 Normal operation time
*1/7 Both restaurants will be closed for staff training.
Thank you for your understanding.

NEW Information!

Fresh Seafood Bistro SARU 12月のお知らせ! !

12月は銚子だけでなく金沢市場より魚介を直送して頂きます! 冬の日本海の幸を皆様にお届けします! どのようにお楽しみ頂くかはFacebookで随時UPして行きます!

We’ve started buying fresh seafood from Kanazawa as well as Choshi. We look forward to serving you with more variety of dishes. Check out our facebook!


Bounenkai party menu information


「SARU」「Fresh Seafood Bistro SARU」では忘年会の予約受付をスタートしております!
生ビール、ワイン、カクテル、ソフトドリンクに加えてなんとスパークリングワインも飲み放題! !

We, SARU and Fresh Seafood bistro SARU, have started taking the reservation of Bounenkai party.
We have a special course menu for you! The price of the course is from ¥2,500 and drinks that you can drink as much as you like is from ¥2,500, including wine and sparkling wine.
*The course is available for 5 people minimum.

SARU白金 ¥2,500コースの一例

SARU白金 ¥2,500コースの一例(但し仕入れにより内容が変わります。)


Japanese amberjack carpaccio with yuzu dressing
Thick cut bruschetta of sweet tomato from Ishumi, Chiba
Homemade Mochibuta pork Jambon blanc
Light fried oysters and spinach in anchovy garlic oil
Stewed ezojika deer with red wine
Seasonal vegetables and mozzarella lasagna
Quick-smoked Mochibuta pork, Chuck eye roll by apple wood
Today’s Pasta
Total 8 courses


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